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What is a giclée print

Major advances in digital technology over the past 25 years have given rise to a new 6+ color printmaking process known as “giclée” printmaking.  A giclée print is characterized by rich, glowing color, exquisite detail, subtle tone separation in even the lightest and darkest hues, and an absolutely smooth ink coverage with no trace of any printing pattern.  This is achieved by spraying the inks in an ultra-fine mist through computer controlled nozzles.  Most giclée presses use pigmented inks to offer dynamic color with enhanced lightfastness and moisture resistance, creating beautiful and fully archival prints rated in independent testing to last 100+ years.


One of the major advantages of giclée printing is that it is a “print-on-demand” process.  Editions no longer have to be printed in a single run.  All the information need to generate a print can now be stored in a digital file, and accessed at any time to make additional prints exactly as and when needed and exactly in the quantity needed.  And in a fully colored-managed studio such as ours, the prints remain consistent from run to run, and even from medium to medium.  


In short, giclée printmaking offers artists and photographers the dual benefits of very high quality, flexibility and affordability. 

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