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Artwork is captured digitally with a Hasselblad studio camera to generate a file capable of reproducing the artwork in its original size at 300 dpi resolution.


                            2-3 day turnaround    while-you-wait*

For 2-D artwork up to 36”x48” – single capture                             $50                     $60   


For 2-D artwork over 36”x48” – double capture                   $80                   N/A   

(two separate scans stitched together into one image)


        The digital file is saved to DVD in both hi-res tif format and low-res jpeg format and comes

        in a case with thumb-nail print on the cover.  Or files can be sent electronically.


*     Artwork is photographed and file is checked while-you-wait (allow approx. 20 minutes wait time).

       Hi- and low-res files are sent to client electronically by end of day.





                            5-7 days turnaround

To proof a digital file to media of your choice,        

from our scan or your digital file,  matching color              $100

& density as closely as possible to the original


To run a single proof to media of your choice                  $ 25


Additional proof(s)                              $ 25 each to a max of $100







Fine art archival papers  -  310-335 gsm 


We print on a select range of archival rag fine art papers offering a variety of different textures and finishes;

we use Ultra-Chrome archival pigment inks for maximum dynamic color, stability and longevity.

For prints up to 30”x40” we recommend printing on large sheets rather than on a roll.  Our preferred papers are:    


                Innova Soft Texture    Hahnemuhle Photo Rag        Innova Exhibition

                Innova Cold Press    Hahnemuhle Torchon        (formerly Silver Rag)             

                         36”x48”                  35”x46.75”                 36”x48”                                     

Single sheet                       $140                      $150                       $160

Half sheet                        $  80                      $  90                       $  95


As a rough guideline, a 36”x48” sheet accommodates :        

                    one single print up to 33”x45” with 1” borders

                    two prints up to 20” x33” each with 1” borders

                    four prints up to 16”x20” each with 1” borders  (15”x20” on Hahnemuhle)

                    six prints up to 11”x14” each with 1” borders

                    twelve prints up to 8”x10” each with .75” borders


Other quantity & size combinations can be accommodated depending on the aspect ratio of the originals and depth of the borders.  It is also possible to mix and match different images and different sizes on the same sheet.


Quantities less than a half sheet are pro-rated at slightly higher rates. For single print orders there is a minimum charge of $20.



Larger prints are available in sizes up to 58”on the short axis by up to 50 ft on Innova papers, and up to 42”on the short axis by up to 39 ft on Hahnemuhle papers.  Pricing is determined by size and based on full-size sheet rates.


                Innova Soft Texture    Hahnemuhle Photo Rag        Innova Exhibition

                Innova Cold Press    Hahnemuhle Torchon        (formerly Silver Rag)


1200- 6000 sq in         $  0.12 per sq in        $  0.125 per sq in        $  0.134 per sq in     

                      =    $17.28 per sq ft          =   $  18.00 per sq ft                      =    $ 19.30  per sq ft


There are additional discounts for orders over 6,000 (42 sq ft) and 12,000 sq in (84 sq ft).  






Selecting a canvas for giclee printing is very different from selecting a canvas for painting because with a giclee print the canvas is stretched after the image has been applied, not before.  So giclee printing requires a canvas capable of holding the inks without flaking or cracking, even at key stress points, both during and after stretching.   Happily, we found one which stretches beautifully and has superior printing characteristics; we use it exclusively. 


All canvas prints are run on a roll (36”, 44” or 60”), using UltraChrome archival inks for maximum dynamic color, 

stability and longevity, and are sprayed after printing to protect them from humidity and UV light.


Prices are determined by size.  If several prints are ordered, the price is determined by the combined size of the individual prints.


        up to 1200 sq in       (8.33 sq ft)             15.0   cents per sq in -   $21.60 per sq ft

        1201–6000 sq in  (8.34-41.67 sq ft)         12.5   cents per sq in  -  $18 00 per sq ft

        6001+ sq in           (41.67+ sq ft)             11.25 cents per sq in  -  $16.20 per sq ft




Photo-Luster Prints 


We offer two medium-weight photo luster papers with different finishes.  Prints on the satin finish are available up to 60” on the short axis, prints on the glossy finish are available up to 24” on the short axis.  Prices are based on discount rates determined by the total volume of the order and are the same for both papers.  Below are sample prices for standard sizes; please bear in mind that different images in standard and non-standard sizes can be mixed and matched for maximum discounts.  


                 x1         x3         x5

    11”x14”        $20*        $16        $13        

    12”x18”        $27        $22        $19

    16”x20”        $32        $27        $24

    20”x30”        $51        $45        $39

    24”x36”        $74        $65        $56

    30”x40”        $90        $78        $72


*    There is a minimum charge of $20 per order; any single print in sizes up to 11”x14” is below this minimum.

    Multiple copies of prints smaller than 11”x14” are priced at the appropriate discount rate which is determined     by total volume.




Metallic Paper

Prints are available on metallic paper in sizes up to 44” on the short axis.  Pricing is based on volume at the same rates as Innova fine art papers.   Sample prices for standard sizes


    11”x14”        $  22

    16”x20”        $  43

    20”x30”        $  80

    30”x40”        $145


Multiple copies are priced at the appropriate discount rate, depending on total volume.  Different sizes and different images may be mixed and matched in the same order for maximum discount.




Photo-Tex and Mylar


Photo-Tex is a matte polyester fabric with a scratch and water-resistant printing surface and a repositionable adhesive backing under peel-off paper.  It can be mounted like self-adhesive wallpaper on any smooth, lint-free surface with the added bonus of being easily removable and repositionable – over and over again.  It is ideal for displaying photography and posters without frames, and for interior signage.   It can also be used outdoors for temporary displays.   Prints available up to 60” on short axis.


We also print on a clear mylar film with a smooth, matte finish to create vibrantly-colored semi-translucent prints suitable for display in a back-lit light box or as back-lit indoor signage.  Prints available up to 36” on short axis.


Prices for Photo-Tex and Mylar the same as for photo-luster prints.




Satin and other fabrics


We offer a water-resistant terylene polyester fabric with a satin finish to create vibrantly-colored semi-translucent banners, window shades and display materials.  The fabric does not unravel when cut and can be sewn or glued to create a pocket for hanging on a pole or decorative hanger.

Prints available up to 40” wide by 60 ft.    Prices the same as for metallic paper.


We also print on a range of pre-coated fabrics including cottons and silks in a variety of different thicknesses and textures.  The finished product is suitable for wall-hangings, but not for clothing.  Please contact us for pricing.

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